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Investigative Services


Whether you are currently involved in active litigation or about to become involved in one, we help you make sensible economic decisions before you undertake a significant financial commitment. Utilizing internal expertise of our principals and access to our business affiliates, we can help you determine whether litigation is likely to result in a collectible judgment.

We offer our clients the choice to have relevant information in advance. Armed with that information our clients are in a position to make an informed decision.  Our approach saves our clients time and money and is comprised of the following:

Phase I: Pre-Litigation Database Searches

Phase II: Pursue Viable Leads Uncovered in Phase I

Phase III: Field Inquiries

Preliminary investigation is performed to determine that there was fraud and there is a substantial base for recovery.  Through the use of intelligence, sophisticated databases and investigators, secreted assets, both international and domestic, are located and targeted for recovery and delivery to rightful owners.

The United States government, FBI and secret service are focused on identifying and apprehending the perpetrators of fraudulent activities instead of recovering monies for the victims.  In addition, the Securities Exchange Commission only has mandates to locate monies in the US, not overseas.  We work with local law enforcement, bankers, sources, lawyers and accountants in the banking haven to identify assets.  Our investigative services are effective with monies held in a secret trust, Swiss Management Portfolios, syndicated private bank accounts, and both large and small banks.  Our goal is not only to locate assets, but to recover monies and repatriate these liquid assets back to their rightful owners.