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Business Advisory


Our team includes former Corporate Controllers and Vice Presidents of Finance, with experience in both publicly traded and privately-held companies.  We have served in a variety of industries including: manufacturing, service related, retail and internet sales, communication and distribution.  We leverage this experience to assist our clients in managing all aspects of their accounting environment and help them achieve their financial goals.

Due to our diverse experience, we are well positioned to assist our clients with complicated accounting projects that transcend the traditional accounting role.  In addition to traditional accounting, dash board metrics and financial reporting services, we offer operational and financial due diligence support, as well as transaction analysis.


Today’s small and medium sized businesses are under increased pressure to maintain complete and accurate financial records in order to obtain financing, remain in compliance with government regulation and insurance carriers, or to grow the business.  In many situations, a Bookkeeper simply does not possess the skills or has the time necessary to accomplish these goals while maintaining the day-to-day operations.  While some companies have the available cash flow to hire upper level accounting professionals, many businesses do not.  With the average Controller salary in excess of $80,000 in 2016, hiring an in-house Controller is simply not an option for many small businesses.  Outsourcing offers the unique opportunity to acquire upper level accounting support at a fraction of the cost.

While an in-house Controller is necessary for public and large private companies, many of the services provided are unnecessary for small businesses.  Outsourcing the accounting function provides the best of both worlds.  By purchasing only the services needed, our clients receive the services they need and retain valuable cash.



Regardless of the industry, all companies are faced with the task of maintaining the day-to-day operations.  Bookkeepers are responsible for recording the daily activities of the business.  Every transaction from sales of goods and services to the payment of utilities impacts the cash flow of the business and must be recorded.  Skilled bookkeeping provides management with the tools to accurately manage cash flow, plan for expansion and “keep the lights on”.

Many small business owners attempt to maintain their accounting records in their “free time”.  Unfortunately, this approach typically fails to provide decision makers with vital information in a timely manner, allowing crucial business decisions to be made without knowing all the facts.  Alternatively, by outsourcing the bookkeeping, business owners position themselves to spend more time on generating new business instead of invoicing customers.  Our team of skilled bookkeepers manage all aspects of the bookkeeping role from invoicing and collecting from customers to paying and recording expenses.  In addition, when combined with our outsourced Controller and CFO services, business owners instantly gain the ability to record the transactions, interpret the data and receive insightful guidance to steer the business in a profitable direction.